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"Realicide, the collective band and publications label, is our assertion of contemporary punk media, bridging aesthetic diversity through the idea that punk is an experimental and malleable life philosophy, not limited by precedent or degrees of popularity. Beyond art and more than hypothetical, Realicide is strength for change in one's own life. It is the ability to destroy a reality of abuse and slavery, in favor of seeking alternatives built upon respect and compassion. When fear is the norm, love is radical."   Realicide 2002–2010


A statement regarding the Realicide 2010 European tour and permanent termination of the band will be issued in time, as well as 2 LP’s and 1 anthology CD which remained missing from the project’s discography at the time of its termination. Meanwhile the RYR label continues, involving the artists described on this site.


Established 2002 in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.

All related information is archived on this site.