contemporary DIY punk media!!! based in Cincinnati Ohio US

orchestrated by Robert Inhuman with help from the creatures listed on this page

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REALICIDE (2002-2010, Cincinnati + various US)

nomadic socio-political contemporary hardcore

Robert Inhuman, Jim Swill, Mavis Concave, co-founded by Aaron Quinn

auxiliary memberz included Evolve, Birth, Vankmen + various other friendz

email, bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook, (myspace left for dead starting 2011)


Robert Inhuman (Cincinnati, ex-nomadic)

currently = Decide Today, Boltcutter, Dreams In Hell, Cincinnati DIY calendar

Realicide label management / ambassador  

past projects have included Realicide band 2002-10, Vacation Kids HxC band 2002-03, No Candy HxC band 2003-04, Art Damage radio & The Damage venue 2005, The New Flesh guest vox 2005, Hentai Lacerator HxC band 2005-07, Sugary Slimepit house venue 2006, Sacrifice zine 2007-08, Cassette Gods webzine 2008, Women of Crenshaw house venue 2008-09, BIRTH! collaborator 2009-10, Cincinnati Penpal Collective 2009-2011, Goetz Alley DIY space 2011, THX1111 space, Dark Ceremony & Desperate Hell DIY goth nite series 2011-15, Graceless magazine 2012, Rake’s End venue 2012-16, Soapbox Books infoshop 2013-14, No Slave To Tomorrow gonx band 2013-14, Cide Central venue 2015, Realicide House 2016-now

email, drawingz, soundcloud


DECIDE TODAY (Cincinnati)

collaborative electronic anarcho punk

memberz & collabz have included Robert I’mhuman, Divtech, Ving, Brian Uhl

email, bandcamp, facebook


DIVTECH (nomadic + Cincinnati)

electronic anarcho hardcore noise

by David Divtech, Decide Today collaborator, illustrator

email, bandcamp, soundcloud, instagram, tumblr, facebook


EVOLVE (Cincinnati)

conscious magik hiphop

by Colin Murray (has at times included Jim Swill, Freak One, The Yes…

email, bandcamp, youtube, soundcloud, facebook


BOLTCUTTER (Cincinnati)

animal/eco-defense HxC

vox Robert I’mhuman, gtr Chris (Monitor Lizard), bass Simon (Husk & Skull), drumz Jacob Taylor



Death Sex Advocates (Cincinnati)

HxC punk AKA “DSA”

vox Ving (Skull Kids, Born As Ghosts), drumz/vox Franchesca (Gnat), gtr Sam, bass Garrett

email, bandcamp, facebook


DREAMS in HELL (Cincylvania)


vox Robert Inhuman, bass Jerry (Vacation), gtr Dylan (Vacation), drumz Marky (Abraxas, Hellnation), past memberz = gtr Dustin (White Walls), drumz Luke Stegall

email, bandcamp, soundcloud


Sour Ground (Cincinnati)

grrrl deathrock synthpunx

vox/keyz Scabby (Rage Cvlt), bass Ava (Black Planet), drumz Izzi (Birdie Herse)

email, bandcamp, facebook


Flesh Mother (Cincinnati)

HxC sludge

vox John Hays, gtr Tyler (Cough It Up), bass ???, drumz Nate (Lexington)

email, bandcamp


GNAT (Cincinnati)

snotty gnasty pahnx

vox Sandrina, gtr Franchesca (DSA), bass Sam (DSA), drumz Andrea, past memberz = drumz Jessa, etc.

email, bandcamp, facebook


Noiseferatu (Cincylvania)

dark rhythmic noise

side-project ov Divtech

email, bandcamp


PELTS (Los Angeles)

socio-political electronic indie/punk

vox/art Jim Swill, electronix Henry Sugar

email, youtube, soundcloud, facebook


EUGENIUS (Cincinnati)

dynamic punk-charged hiphop

by Phillip Smith, collabz with friendz

email, bandcamp, youtube, facebook


CURSE (Baltimore)

electro doom synthpunx

Jane Vincent & Logan Terkelsen

email, bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook


BREAKAWAY (Minneapolis)

operatic anarcho-witch-house

by Joe Kujawa

email, bandcamp, youtube, facebook



bike punx rave

email, blawg, bandcamp, soundcloud


Brian Uhl (Portland, ex-Cincinnati)


email, website


Jim Swill (Los Angeles, ex-Cincinnati)

subversive writer, spoken weird, video, currently = PELTS

ex-Realicide lyricist / conceptual director, has previously worked with Evolve (Cincinnati), Get Born (Saint Louis), Mavis Concave (Cincinnati), Brian Uhl (for Gridlock)

email, website, facebook


Mavis Concave (Cincinnati)

producer + DJ of various hard electronix

ex-Realicide sound tech + live electronics, solo = DJ and live PA breakcore / various electronica, previously projectz & collabz = Jim Swill (2012), Bunk News (2010), Evolve (2009), Praey (2009), DJ Thumper (2005-09), SX (2003-06), etc.

email, bandcamp, soundcloud


VANKMEN (Oakland)

gabber speedcore + breaks + bent noize

Victor & Sam, Realicide collaborators

email, website, soundcloud, facebook


BIRTH! (Denver, ex-nomadic)

raw minimal synthpunk

by Douglas Halbert, Realicide collaborator

email, facebook


Monitor Lizard (Cincinnati)

HxC punk RIP 2013-15

vox Johnny (Cough It Up), vox Ahbi (doctor in Chennai), gtr Jeff (Cough It Up), gtr Ryan (moved away), bass Chris (Boltcutter), drumz Ian (Cough It Up)

email, bandcamp, facebook


The Creature (Cincylvania)

VHS horror punx RIP 2012-14

vox/gtr Tyler (Flesh Mother), vox/bass Ving (DSA), drumz Sam (Gnat), other memberz at times

email, bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook


No Slave To Tomorrow (Cincylvania)

deathrock RIP 2013-14

vox Robert Inhuman, bass Ving (DSA), gtr Franchesca (Gnat), drumz Sam (DSA), other memberz at times

email, facebook


Chemical Committee (Cincinnati)

robotrip hiphop AKA “Cem Com” RIP 2004-15?

by Beta Max & Freak One



Split Horizon (originally Detroit, then various US)

dark fractured socio-political industrial

by Matt Schultz of From The Gut + Void Tactical Media + etc!

email, website, soundcloud, facebook


DJ Immolation (Cincinnati)

gabber speedcore

by Dan Chadwell

 bandcamp, soundcloud, facebook


Capital Hemorrhage (Dayton)

ex-UTRA//VIRES disjointed noiserock RIP 2004-08

gtr/vox Jonathan Prunty, drumz/vox Ryan Faris (other memberz at times)

email, website


Hentai Lacerator (Dayton)

noiserock HxC about Slimore sex RIP 2005-07

vox Robert Inhuman, gtr Jon (Capital Hemorrhage), drumz Ryan (Capital Hemorrhage), other memberz at times


aaronquinn (Columbus)

harsh noise

founding member of Realicide (2002-06)


Dark Ceremony (Cincylvania)

goth sub-label of RYR 2012-15

CD-r’s for Dreams In Hell, The Creature, They Feed At Night, various All Ages DIY goth parties…


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